Re: launcher-style icons

On 18 Apr 2001 11:41:40 -0400, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> I've been reading the panel source. It appears that the button widget
> does what I want. Ive still got a couple of questions, if you have the
> time/inclination to answer. 
> * Does the panel ever have a pixmap background?


> * How do I get a copy of what's underneath my applet to composite onto?

from applet-widget.h:

/* sets if the do_draw signal is sent*/
void            applet_widget_send_draw         (AppletWidget *applet,
                                                 gboolean enable);

/* gets the rgb background, useful in conjunction with the do_draw
signal */
void            applet_widget_get_rgb_bg        (AppletWidget *applet,
                                                 guchar **rgb,
                                                 int *w, int *h,
                                                 int *rowstride);

there is a divider applet which uses this written by the author of
gqview and i believe it is on his web page.

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