Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.11 "Ni"

> GnomePropertyBox was fine for the times.  However times are changing.
> Nowdays just about everyone agrees that the best way to do properties is with
> immediate effect, that is things get applied immediately.  This is what's
> done in PonG and that's something that doesn't make absolutely any sense in
> GnomePropertyBox.
> There is a planned feature in pong to support the "OK/Apply" types of boxes,
> but it's not there yet as I don't see such a great need for it.

You are mostly right in that a lot of things can get applied immediately, but
not *everything*. For example, suppose I use a rangebar or a spin button to
choose a number between 1 and 100. If the operation performed on changing the
number is expensive, I wouldn't want it to get applied immediately as I moved
the rangebar or clicked the spin-button arrows. This is a case where an apply
button is necessary.

Hence, my feature request for PonG would be to support OK/Apply boxes if
requested. ;-) Thanks for the great work so far.


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