Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.11 "Ni"

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 11:09:08AM +0200, fritz jetzek buggerz com wrote:
> Once upon a time, GnomePropertyBox was invented to let all applications' preference
> dialogs share a common look, but somehow it didn't catch on. It looks like everyone is
> implementing their own flavour of prop windows (even nautilus and evolution do so).
> If I didn't get something wrong here (GPB is not deprecated, right?),I'd suggest using 
> GnomePropertyBox in pong before recommending it (pong) for widespread use.

GnomePropertyBox was fine for the times.  However times are changing.
Nowdays just about everyone agrees that the best way to do properties is with
immediate effect, that is things get applied immediately.  This is what's
done in PonG and that's something that doesn't make absolutely any sense in

There is a planned feature in pong to support the "OK/Apply" types of boxes,
but it's not there yet as I don't see such a great need for it.


George <jirka 5z com>
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