Re: gnomecc problems

In case it wasn't clear, here is a diff:

--- control-center/capplets/ Thu Feb 25 15:08:42 1999
+++ control-center/capplets/ Sat Feb 27 03:38:21 1999
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
        screensaver-properties background-properties \
         theme-switcher sound-properties bell-properties \
        ui-properties url-properties gnome-edit-properties \
-       session-properties wm-properties #desktop-links
+       session-properties wm-properties desktop-links
 SUBDIRS = $(always_built_SUBDIRS)

I wrote:
> It seems my problems were caused by the commenting out of the
> desktop-links directory in control-center/capplets/  In the
> changelog it says that the changes were made from discussion on
> gnome-hackers.  I'm not on that list so I am wondering if this is what
> is intended (desktop-links should not be made).  If not, the
> should probably be fixed so gnomecc runs.
> Jacob Berkman

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