need row and column data

Right, I've moved onto the CList for the time being as I need it to 
work as well.  I can get the data in the row or column when I click 
on the row but I can't seem to get the actual row or column data.

Examples from the text don't work for Obj-C.  From what I 
understand the row and column data should be passed but it doesn't 
seem to be.

I need access to the selected row and column in "myselect_row"

God this is frustrating for an old fart like me:-)

BTW this is all in aid of Gfax for Gnome in case anyone was 

Code is as follows:

itemList = [[[Gtk_CList alloc] initWithCListInfoTitles:4 Titles:itemTitles] show];
[hbox pack_start:itemList doExpand:TRUE doFill:TRUE doPadding:5];	
[itemList connectObjMethod:"select_row" :self :@selector(myselect_row:)];
[itemList insertCListRow:0 :text];	// put sample text in

- myselect_row: (id) sender
	gchar *text;
	[sender get_text:0 :1 getText:&text];
	g_print("Sender %s - Data is %s\n",[sender name], text);

George Farris - VE7FRG

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