Re: gnome-terminal macros and guile extensions

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > To get Guile support so you don't have to recompile every time you change
> > a menu, I think you'd need to hack gnome-terminal itself just a bit,
> > because you have to do the scm_boot_guile() deal to let Guile scan the
> > stack for GC.
> Well, if we do not do this, we would just be missing a few spots where
> Guile will not be able to garbage collect, right?

No, if Guile does not at all times know the top of the stack (or enough
of it) it can inappropriately collect objects still in use and cause a 

I have some experimental Guile patches lying around however, that make
Guile find the top of the stack automagically, so it can be initialized
from anywhere, not just direct from main().

This should be in an upcoming version of Guile if I get off my ass enough
to complete the work.

I'd love to see a Guile-extensible gnome-terminal personally.

 - Maciej

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