Re: gnome-terminal macros and guile extensions

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> [hack snipped]

Cute.:-) Very cool.

To get Guile support so you don't have to recompile every time you change
a menu, I think you'd need to hack gnome-terminal itself just a bit,
because you have to do the scm_boot_guile() deal to let Guile scan the
stack for GC.  However this could probably be conditional on a command
line switch so normal gnome-terminal users wouldn't be affected. I'm not
sure how much processing you're allowed to do before scm_boot_guile(). 
This is unfortunate, I thought for a minute you could do the whole Guile
thing from the module. Maybe some of the Guile experts around know a
better way.

But once you have the scm_boot_guile() in gnome-terminal extending the
plugin to use Guile would be a thirty minute task. Hmm...


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