Re: Existing GTK+/GNOME Language Bindings

The python bindings for GTK and GNOME are almost complete.  I have just
been adding a few new features and writing a small amount of documentation
(mainly on how to use the C documentation :).

If you want status on the perl bindings, it is probably best to mail
Mandrake directly, since he seems to do most of the work on the
gnome-perl module.

James Henstridge.


On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Michael Fulbright wrote:

> With the upcoming releases of GNOME 1.0 and GTK+ 1.2, I was wondering
> which programming languages we will have quality bindings for?
> As far as I recall, we have
>         GTK+               GNOME
>      -----------         ---------
>          C                   C
>        Python              Python
>         ObjC                ObjC
>        C++(?)              C++(?)
>        Perl(?)             Perl(?)
>        Guile(?)            Guile(?)
> C++ and Perl would be be pluses, since like it or not C++ is a rather
> common language outside the Free Software world, and just about everyone's
> grandmother knows Perl.
> If I missed anything, please followup.
> Thanks
> Dr Mike
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