GnomeAnimator broken..

The GnomeAnimator object in libgnomeui/ appears to be broken. I've setup
the object correctly but it refuses to display. The animator_demo, also in
that directory, is broken and is requesting "mailcheck/email.xpm" and
"mailcheck/tux-anim.xpm". These don't exist, but PNG versions of them do.
However, the animator_demo always crashes when it tries to run the second
and third animations. If I comment those two out and only work with the
first one, it doesn't crash but it does the same thing my program does: it
won't display the animation. At this point, it does also provide this
warning (from GTK+ 1.1.16):

Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_widget_size_request() called on child widget with
widget equal to widget->requisition. gtk_widget_set_usize() may not work

I don't know if that warning has much to do with the problem of not
displaying correctly.


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