Re: Panel problems on Solaris

I noticed that some of my libraries were built without debugging symbols
so I tried everything again, with ORBit-0.3.38, gnome-libs-, 
gnome-core- and gtk+-1.1.15. I confirmed that tcp-wrappers is not
installed on my system. Here is a gdb backtrace of the coredump resulting
from trying to load the fish applet into the resulting panel (I cut off the 
likely uninteresting Gtk+ dispatch code).

#0  GNOME_Panel_add_applet (_obj=0x0, panel_applet=0x107280, goad_id=0xeed43a08 "fish_applet", 
    cfgpath=0xefffcdf4, globcfgpath=0xefffcdf0, winid=0x153898, ev=0x0)
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#1  0xef78684c in gnome_panel_applet_corba_init (applet=0x1537f8, goad_id=0xeed43a08 "fish_applet")
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#2  0xef7869dc in applet_widget_new (goad_id=0xeed43a08 "fish_applet")
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#3  0xeed43720 in wanda_activator (poa=0xe9f90, goad_id=0xeed43a08 "fish_applet", params=0x0, 
    impl_ptr=0xefffcf68, ev=0xefffd528) at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#4  0xef5355c8 in goad_server_activate_shlib (sinfo=0x158d48, flags=17, params=0x0, ev=0xefffd528)
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-libs-
#5  0xef535144 in real_goad_server_activate (sinfo=0x158d48, flags=24, params=0x0, server_list=0x156e90)
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-libs-
#6  0xef534a38 in goad_server_activate_with_id (server_list=0x0, server_id=0x157880 "fish_applet", flags=24, 
    params=0x0) at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-libs-
#7  0x33660 in extern_start_new_goad_id (e=0x12d388)
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#8  0x33a60 in load_extern_applet (goad_id=0x158700 "fish_applet", 
    cfgpath=0x12f0d8 "/panel.d/default/Applet_Dummy/", panel=0x11e9b0, pos=0, queue=0)
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#9  0x2c168 in add_applet (w=0x1454b0, item_loc=0x1538b8 "_browser/simple_browser:1.0")
    at /u/racerx1/local/src/gnome-core-
#10 0xef250d80 in gtk_marshal_NONE__NONE (object=0x1454b0, func=0x2c0e8 <add_applet>, func_data=0x1536a0, 
    args=0xefffd918) at /u/racerx1/local/src/gtk+-1.1.15/gtk/gtkmarshal.c:363

As another note, running panel twice creates two panels for me, which implies to
me that for some reason the Gnome name service is not working. Some possibly relevant
data points:

[mstachow@racerx] ~ > xprop | grep GNOME
GNOME_SESSION_CORBA_COOKIE(STRING) = "8?9H8SQzVb2B%`5JAA+!*'wkd^UgTK6kiL5\"!d{TH.vKm+t.L},U&%@gcrP9@c$"
GNOME_NAME_SERVER(WINDOW): window id # 0x6400001

[mstachow@racerx] ~ > xwininfo -id 0x6400001

xwininfo: Window id: 0x6400001 (has no name) ....

Suggestions for further investigation are most welcome. I am willing to do
some footwork to track this problem down,

 - Maciej

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