Re: Panel problems on Solaris

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 15:34:23 -0500, Maciej Stachowiak
<> wrote:

>I've gotten up to building libgtop, libghttp and gnome-core from the
>release and I've been trying to play with the panel. All my attempts
>to add an applet fail - the applet does not run, but a new panel starts
>up and pops up over the old one. In some special cases, like the Fish,
>the original panel segfaults and dies before the applet starts up.

(The fish is a shared library applet, so it would indeed kill the panel.)

>Has anyone else had problems like this? Could someone at least suggest
>what component I should be looking at?

	nm /usr/lib/libwrap.a /usr/local/lib/libwrap.a | grep 'T setenv'

shows a 'T setenv' line, then you need to update your TCP wrappers package
and rebuild ORBit, or update ORBit so it will detect this broken version
of TCP wrappers.

It would be helpful to know exactly what versions of everything you are
trying to build & use...
-- Elliot
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 versus nature, nature versus nature, and dog versus vampire."
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