re: initial message

First off, kudos for the list - it'll be very interesting discussing
some of the problems I face with others. Now, getting into the swing of
things, our environment is currently RH 7.2 + gnome/kde, but we're
rolling everyone/thing over to RH 9 + XD2 in the next few months, and
I'm starting the debugging process on our current build now.
Authentication is done via NIS (suck), and everything is NFS mounted
(mild suck).

in response to your problems:

1. That's not good. We haven't run into that yet, but will shortly, at
least in a few "shared-user" situations. Any response from hp on how
that situation is supposed to work?

2. What version of evo?

3. Hehe. that's amusing. Already put a bug into bugzilla?

6. Er, can't you use the standard X pre and post session scripts, unless
I'm confused about what you want? See /etc/X11/gdm/*Session.
Specifically for you, PostSession, I guess - you don't necessarily know
if they're running gnome when they hit the post-session script, but it
doesn't matter as you can kill/cleanup the stuff either way.

What version are you standardized on? The default RH 9, XD2, or some
hybrid? I'd be fascinated to hear about anyone trying to use garnome or
something like that - it seems a little too difficult, but definitely
keeps you on the bleeding edge.


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