GNOME @ CeBIT 2012 (2012-03-06 - 2012-03-10 in Hannover, Germany) - Volunteers needed

Hey folks,

there is a CfP for the upcoming CeBIT (in Hannover, Germany) going: <>

I'd like GNOME to be there and I hope to reach people that want the same.
I just registered and I expect to be selected for the CeBIT.

So I'd like to raise awareness that we will need people and material to 
staff the booth. So if you happen to have some time around CeBIT, that 
would be 2012-03-06 until 2012-03-10, please consider helping out at the 
booth. If you do, please make yourself heard, or better: Organize in the 
wiki, prefereably under <>. 
You may want to use smth like 
<> as a template.

Hoping to get many volunteers,

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