First Dia 0.93 prerelease

Hello translators!

I'm happy to announce that we've started the prerelease process for Dia
version 0.93.  Thus the strings are fairly stable, and now would be a
really good time to update the translations.

It is also really nice to see the amount of translation that is going on
for Dia.  There are translations for 42 languages (!), with more than
half (28) of them over 50% translation of the core messages, and many
(18) over 90%.  This is great work.  I am particularly happy to see
Albanian and Mongolian joining us, I hope Dia can be of some use there.

This message is sent to both Language-Team and Last-Translators, as
taken out of the .po files.  Please coordinate internally as you see

Thanks for all your work!


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