Re: Units for wind speed

Am Mon, 2002-05-20 um 17.26 schrieb Christian Rose:
> mån 2002-05-20 klockan 17.07 skrev Manuel Borchers:
> > Am Mon, 2002-05-20 um 12.47 schrieb Christian Rose:
> > > locale  unit  status
> > > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > > de_DE   m/s   ?
> > 
> > Today, I saw km/h on and I also think that most people
> > have a better "feeling" of km/h... 
> > ( also says,
> > that km/h is more common for most people, but m/s is the SI-Standard
> > [for velocities in general])
> Ok. indeed seems to use km/h, but other sites (like
> seem to use m/s. On
> is mentioned
> that both m/s and km/h can be used.
> I'd appreciate more background on this (especially an official
> recommendation) if you can find one. Is there an official national
> weather institute? In that case, maybe they have a recommendation
> available on the web.

I just looked around a bit... We have the "Deutscher Wetterdienst" (I don't know if it is something official, but nearly all
forcasts in the TV use their data...) and there they use everything...
it's quite chaotic... sometimes they give the velocity in km/h, m/s,
knots and Beaufort but sometimes they use only one or two of them...

It seems as in Germany there is no standard or recommendation :(

My personal preference would be m/s, because it's the SI-Standard (but
on the other hand, km/h is derived from m/s...)

I let the list know, if I find something "official". For now I would let
m/s as mentioned by Christian...


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