[gnome-db] Create SQLite db

I am trying to create SQLIte DB. I used gda_server_operation_prepare_create_database
                               (const gchar *provider,
                                const gchar *db_name,
                                GError **error); 
to obtain a GdaServerOperation object. provider = "SQLite"

 The returned pointer was checked for NULL.

Then, I used gda_server_operation_perform_create_database to create DB. This function returns TRUE but I don't DB file. I was thinking, maybe format of db_name may somehow affect this? For now, I used the full path in UNIX notation with .db suffix, just a DB name with .db suffix. In all  cases function returns TRUE but I don't see any DB file. Could you please clarify what would be correct use of GdaServerOperation functions to create DB? Thanks.

-Pavlo Solntsev
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