Re: [gnome-db] [PATCH] support for inner queries alias without the `AS`.

May be for Vivien this is Ok.

But may you want to know when your patch is accepted or reviewed. If so ma is better if you file a bug in

El feb. 3, 2016 3:39 PM, "Arthur Neves" <arthurnn gmail com> escribió:
Hi folks,

I am using libgda to parse all queries on my app, however I saw that sub-queries that had an alias were not working, for instance: 

  SELECT FROM (select abc from bar) foo;

See this is valid on sqlite3:

sqlite> create table bar(abc varchar(10));
sqlite> insert into bar values('hi');
sqlite> SELECT FROM (select abc from bar) foo;

Seems like that syntax was not handled by the parser.y lemon file. So I have a patch for it: 

Let me know what is the proper way to contribute to this library, if sending a Pull Request on GitHub, or sending a .patch file on the mailing list.

Let me know if this makes sense

Thanks a lot

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