Re: [gnome-db] libgda-5.2.2 install problem on ubuntu 14.4x86


A make commands that returns an error code can mean several things. It can be a bug in the Makefiles, a missing package not detected correctly, a bug in the software, or even a faulty memory module.

If you could paste the whole output of the make command, that would give us some hints and maybe we would be able to help solving it. Without that, we can only make wild guesses, like that the Vala compiler is missing from your computer.

Also, please take some time to read [1].

Kind regards,
Gergely Polonkai


On 31 October 2014 03:55, Amin <m_aminkhattak yahoo com> wrote:
make process ends with gda-5.0.gir error 1
while configure process ends with zero status.
reguest help
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