Re: [gnome-db] PyGObject for web Development

Is not a Django problem.

GdaData library gives you access to  database objects through a Vala/GObject API and is inspired on Django. Thats all about Django.

I try, as a test, use apache mod_phython to run a GObject Introspection code accessing to a database through a GDA query but when I return the Gda.DataModel simply don't shows any value on printing to the web page.

The point here is how can I use PyGObject on web. Could be a plus if it can be used in any web framework.

El 26/10/2014 01:48, "Gergely Polonkai" <gergely polonkai eu> escribió:

Which, in this case, makes it a Django related problem :-) I may be able to help with that, but I would need an error message and some context (and it clearly doesn't belong to these lists).

On 26 Oct 2014 02:00, "Daniel Espinosa" <esodan gmail com> wrote:
Yes. In GDA, I've developed a library to easy access to Database objects a la Django. Is developed in Vala and provides GObject Introspection bindings.

From Python I can access to GDA and GdaData (my library) using "from gi.repositoy import GDA, GdaData", and use to access database objects.

But I've tried apache mod_python, and after configure a site with that, I just found that a query data, can't be returned to  be displayed in a routing that is called to handle a request. I call a function when a requests with a path in the URL, it calls a function using my library from GObject Introspection, but when returns the data to the caller it simple don't shows any value.

2014-10-25 16:14 GMT-05:00 Gergely Polonkai <gergely polonkai eu>:
It’s a bit unclear to me, what exactly you want to achieve.

What I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) is that you wrote a library in Vala, which uses GDA, and you want to use your library from a web app written in Python.

If I’m right, then all you have to do is to create some GObject Introspection files for your library, so in Python you can simply use the form »from gi.repository import YourLibrary«. How to do this is beyond my knowledge, as I’m pretty beginner with Vala itself; you may want to go directly to the Vala mailing list, or their IRC channel.

On 25 October 2014 21:39, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:

I would like to use PyGObject to use GDA & its Vala extensions to develop a web app.

Ar there any one using this way?

If you ask why? Its because I'm developing Vala libraries and I would like to use them in web applications.

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