Re: [gnome-db] Sqlite database creation

I've used:

cnn = Gda.Connection.open_from_string ("Sqlite", "DB_NAME=test.db;DB_DIR=.",null, Gda.ConnectionOptions.READ_ONLY);

and it is working for me. Using libgda 5.2 and Vala 0.22 on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.

Could you give me some code example.

I've used this one:

using Gda;
class Application : Object {
    public Gda.Connection cnn { get; set; }
    public int run ()
        cnn = Gda.Connection.open_from_string ("SQLite", "DB_NAME=test;DB_DIR=.",null, Gda.ConnectionOptions.READ_ONLY);
        return 0;
    static int main (string[] args)
    var app = new Application ();
    return ();

2014-10-24 9:03 GMT-05:00 Christophe Bastin <bastin chris gmail com>:
Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble using Vala and libda 5.0 for SQLite.

In Python I have succesfully created a SQLite database with 
conn = Gda.Connection(provider = Gda.Config.get_provider("SQLite"),
                                          cnc_string = "DB_DIR=.;DB_NAME=test")

In Vala I tried different solutions:

conn = new Gda.Connection (); // fails with undefined reference to `gda_connection_new' 

or with:
conn = new Gda.Connection.open_from_string ("SQLite",
            "DB_DIR=.;DB_NAME=test", null,

// fails because the database file doesn't exist.

So how can I create the SQLite file at connection startup ?


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