[gnome-db] GDA as Gee.Collection Reched Milestone 1

I've finished most of the samples and Unit Tests for an implementation of Gee interfaces that allows you to:

* Create a database row, set its values and append to the table in the table. Any column not set in your object is set to its default.
* Create a GObject derived from GdaData.Record to manage information in a database. Object persistence.
* Create a object to iterate, chop or filter over all Records in a Gda.DataModel. Called RecordCollection that implements Gee's interfaces Collection, Iterable and Traversable
* I've added a set of interfaces, that use Vala's Generics, in order to allow others to implement the same functionality using other database wrapper different than GDA. GdaData namespace contains all these interfaces definitions and a set of classes implementing them using GDA infrastructure.

=== Comming API changes ====

* Field is defined as a generic class, I want to change it as not generic.
* DbCollection, DbSchema, DbTable and its class implementators DataBase, Schema and Table, will be updated as required to implement new functionalities

=== Comming Planned Features ===

==== Milestone 2: DbTable and Table ====
* Allow to synchronize fields attributes, foreign keys and list of tables that reference it
* Allow to create new tables in databases, by using a HashMap collection holding fields definitions

==== Milestone 3: DbSchema and Schema ====
* Allow to get DbTables/Tables from database
* Allow  to add new schemas to database

==== Milestone 4: DbCollection/Database ====
* Allow to add new databases

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