[gnome-db] Deprecate GdaMetaContext?

I'm trying to figure out how to make easy for bindings to use MetaStore and MetaContext.

GdaMetaContext is a pure C struct with arrays of strings and values, but are hard for bindings because is not clear how to set its members. At first, I've tried to add simple API to it by commit:

http://git.gnome.org/browse/libgda/commit/?id=ba3f677d5fe3445ea1bf9a04d50bc069545969a7 (I have minor fixes for return values ready to commit)

But it requires to change some GdaConnection related functions to work. But even that I found that GdaMetaContext is not defined as a GBoxed and GIR doesn't like that for new gda_meta_context_new method, tagging it as Not Introspectable!!!! This is a problem for bindings, you can't create a context any way.

Are there any reason to not change GdaMetaContext to GBoxed?

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