Re: [gnome-db] GdaDataModel virtual functions API question + new PATCH

On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 03:33 +0200, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
> I'm continuing adding more and more annotations in libgda-4.2 (find
> attached another PATCH :-), I'm adding Virtual: annotations to
> GdaDataModel and found that the following virtual functions:
>         [NoWrapper]
>         public abstract bool i_iter_at_row (Gda.DataModelIter iter,
> int row);
>         [NoWrapper]
>         public abstract bool i_iter_next (Gda.DataModelIter iter);
>         [NoWrapper]
>         public abstract bool i_iter_prev (Gda.DataModelIter iter);
>         [NoWrapper]
>         public abstract bool i_iter_set_value (Gda.DataModelIter iter,
> int col, GLib.Value value) throws GLib.Error;
> * Must not be part of GdaDataModel* because they are functions of
> GdaDataModelter. Remove this functions in libgda-5.0 could be good to
> cleaning the API.

No, these are used by GdaDataModel. For instance:
(I guess the data model creates and manipulates iterators. That makes

> The following virtual function have a static

You mean virtual rather than static, I guess.

> function and no public function to use it, is this correct? Must be 
> removed from the virtual functions API in 5.0?
>         [NoWrapper]
>         public abstract bool i_get_notify ();

That's not unusual at all. It's not a problem.
> I'm finding more API comments from the generated VAPI file on Utility:
most functions must be in the object used by them to perform the action.

I don't understand this part.

murrayc murrayc com

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