Re: [gnome-db] gnomedb on OSX

On 31 August 2011 22:31, Patrick McEvoy <pmcevoy silvacapitalmanagement com> wrote:

I am trying to build a Glade3 / C application that I have written for
Linux on Mac OSX 10.5.8 and I have installed gtk+osx.  The program uses
gnomedb for database connectivity. When I run .configure for gnomedb it
results in error: libcrypto support requested but not found.  The mac
version of openssl  version 0.9.7l  is installed.  Can I somehow point
configure to the mac version or do I need to install a openssl for
linux.  What is the best method for installing the dependencies needed
by gnomedb.

 The configure script uses pkg-config to locate the libcrypto library, and it will be difficult to force it to detect the library if it has no associated .PC file. To solve the problem, you can either disable building the SQLCipher database provider (pass the --disable-crypto argument to configure), or install your own version of libcrypto (which is a bit more complicated but much like what's done on Linux). This last solution will build a .PC file and you may have to define the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable to point to the /<libcrypto install dir>/lib/pkgconfig so pkg-config finds it.

Generally speaking when I compile on a Mac (which has not happened for some time as my Mac burned...) I set up gtk+osx like you did and either compile by hand the dependencies (native database libraries, ...) or use MacPorts to do it (but in this case you have to be carefull that none of the Glib/GObject/Gtk+ stack or dependency is build by MacPorts).



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