Re: [gnome-db] gda_data_model_get_value_at returns null when field is null

On 5 October 2011 12:12, Andrea Zagli <azagli libero it> wrote:
i'm using libgda 4.2.x from branch LIBGDA_4_2 with postgresql

i noticed that from about 2 months gda_data_model_get_value_at returns null (not a gvalue with null content) and error not null when the field's content is null

If this function returns NULL, then it's because there is a problem (unless of course there is a Libgda problem...)

why? is it a bug?

the error message is "Unable to get value for row 0 and column 2"

Could you provide a test case, (it would be easier for me to try to figure out what the problem is)?


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