Re: [gnome-db] [Vala] Gda GdaSet vapi error

W dniu 17.05.2011 20:02, Daniel Espinosa pisze:


> Bug #639472 was commited. Now libgda-4.2.7 have non-varargs version
> functions. Is time to update vapi for 4.2, could any say me how to do it
> using GIR generated file?

Not sure if you can create vapi file from GIR one(s).
Valac could be involved in Makefile though.

 * generated vapi file is always up to date and compatible with
installed vala

 * one needs to install vala whether needs it or not

Anyway, in add


in :

VALAFLAGS = --required-valac-arguments

That should do the trick and autogenerate vapi file.
The same can also create gir file, but no idea if it can do it better
than gir scanner in case of C (valac does it a lot better in case of
vala code)


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