Re: [gnome-db] ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

On 28 March 2011 13:50, Andrea Zagli <azagli libero it> wrote:
> i wrote a little program that read from oracle and write to postgresql
> between read and write there's a recursive function that, i think, maxes out
> at a depth of 10; every call open a gdadatamodel from oracle
> i'm quite sure that i close every opened gdastatement and gdadatamodel but
> after a while (i didn't count) i got the error of the mail subject
> what am i wrong? is there a way to force cursors closing? there's a trick?
> i solved increasing system number of cursors that can be opened, but i don't
> whant to do that
> thanks in advance
> PS: i don't know oracle; i use it because the data we have there

I'll look at this ASAP. Looks like there are some leaked ressources...


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