[gnome-db] Libgda 4.99.0 released

I've just released Libgda version 4.99.0 which is the first version
aimed at the GTK3 environment. It's the first release which will lead
to the 5.0 version. The current 4.2 versions serie will continue to be
maintained and upgraded along with the 5.0 serie.

What is Libgda?
Libgda is a (relatively small) database access library:
* a wrapper like ODBC but with more features to access several database engines
* a general data model to use CVS or XML files
* a meta data extractor (to know all about database objects in a comman way)
* features several tools: an SQL console application (like mysql, psql
or sqlite3 consoles), a graphical database browser, and a control
* relies on GLib, coded in C, its API is easy to use
* optionnally includes some graphical widgets (based on GTK+) for data
bound representations and some graphical tools

Changes from the 4.2.x versions:
 - Adaptations to the GTK3 environment (requires gtk+-3.0 >= 3.0.0):
        - API is preserved but ABI has changed
        - Deprecated API has been removed
 - Embedded SQLite version 3.7.5
 - Embedded SQLCipher version is 2.0Beta

* This version can be installed alongside any 4.0 or 4.2 version as
its installation is completely separated.
* Don't use in a production environment!

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(http://www.gnome-db.org), or you can ask any question/propose
anything you want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at



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