Re: [gnome-db] [Vala] Gda GdaSet vapi error

May we need to review GDA's API in order to make it more GObject-Introspection and Vala friendly.

We need to add functions that helps to use Vala in an easy way, avoiding var_list or so kind of functions. And may we need to mark unbindingable functions with (skip) annotation[1].

filed Bug 639472


2011/1/13 Abderrahim Kitouni <a kitouni gmail com>
في ر، 12-01-2011 عند 10:10 -0600 ، كتب Daniel Espinosa:
> The following function have the following C signature:
> gboolean <>
>            gda_set_set_holder_value
> <>
>            (*GdaSet
> <> *set*,
>                                                          *GError
> <>
> **error*,
>                                                          *const gchar
> <>
> *holder_id*,
>                                                          *...*);
> but in vapi is:
> public bool set_holder_value (string holder_id) throws GLib.Error;
> How can I change update it?
You need to add something like :

gda_set_set_holder_value ellipsis="1"

to the metadata file (and regenerate the vapi). I'm not sure it will
work as there is no fixed convention for varargs methods throwing
errors, but I think this is your best bet.


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