[gnome-db] GObject Introspection support on 4.2.x series

As you know 4.x series use null values different from 5.x ones. The last has been improved to work well on GObject Introspection.

Up today, I'm testing Vala bindings created using GObject Introspection for 5.0 master and figure out how to distribute the files I've used (metadata) to create them, but I fall in problems with GdaSqlAnyPart and other struct (I really consider they must be internal or avoid to be used by bindings, because they are hard to use directly by the user. What do you think?). Are you considering to back port recent annotations improvements to 4.x?

I started to improve GI on libgda for my own projects and to update libgda-4.0 bindings for Vala, to help other to use this awesome library; but with lot of problems. With null handling problems I think libgda-4.x is not suitable for GI unless the programmer take care about type errors rised for invalid type returns. This could be stated some where in gnome-db.org Wiki as a Guide.

All these because I want to use Vala to create a GObject based classes for data representation. One Object per row per DataModel, I know GdaRow, but what about to sub-class them to create representation of information linked to a database row/column where updating a property will change database information.

In my case I've use CshObject from libcash, I'll try to port them to Vala to speed up development, to manage information on database using libgda. Subclassing it I can create an CshAccount object to manage cash records like GnuCash does, with methods and properties to use that information on different applications.

Are you interest to add CshObject like functionality to libgda, adding Vala dependence? If so I can help.

2011/8/31 Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com>
Commit done: http://git.gnome.org/browse/libgda/commit/?id=1a5011b8c45e61cc624972b6aa9db95a32e86246

Thanks again,

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