Re: [gnome-db] import from csv

Il giorno mer 27 ott 2010 16:01:39 CEST, Vivien Malerba ha scritto:

if i call gda_data_model_export_to_file i get an empty file; and if i call
gda_data_model_get_n_rows i get -1

The created data model's access is not random (because of the FALSE
argument to gda_data_model_import_new_file()), and so it cannot know
the number of rows it contains.

that's the last try that i did; before (and now) i used TRUE and i got the same result

i have tried to call gda_data_model_dump immediately after gda_data_model_import_new_file and i got

WARNING **: Could not dump data model's contents: Data model does not support backward cursor move, not displaying data

Also the data model export functions don't currently work if the data
model does not have a random access (which is something I need to
correct). If you need to export DM, pass TRUE as the 2nd argument to
gda_data_model_import_new_file(), or you can use a
 GdaDataModel *wrapper;
 wrapper = gda_data_access_wrapper_new (dm);
 g_object_unref (wrapper);

i'll try ASAP


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