Re: [gnome-db] libgda 4.2 in time for GNOME 3.0

On 27 May 2010 08:32,  <jhs jsschmid de> wrote:
> Hi!
> Do you plan a new stable release in time for GNOME 3.0? In anjuta, we
> would like to depend on libgda 4.1.x but this needs to be reflected in the
> external dependencies and there needs to be a stable release of course.

The short answer is yes, 4.2 will be out by that time.

Long answer: the current status of the dev branch (4.1) is that the
API is stable (with a few modifications in the GdaSqlBuilder for
Glom), and no new feature is foreseen in this version (except maybe
the GdaBrowser tool to have more polish). I'm currently working on
adding GObject introspection annotations to have a correct
introspection support.


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