Re: [gnome-db] MySQL and floats

Stian Skjelstad pisze:

>> I checked new_row_from_mysql_stmt and for G_TYPE_FLOAT and G_TYPE_DOUBLE
>> case, mysql_bind_result[i].buffer is always 0,0000.
>> column is: `created` float NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
>> Do I miss anything while getting data?
> Just trowing in a quick-question just to check one thing. Is your local
> language set to a language which uses "," as decimal mark?

I am not sure if this is the case.
GDA sets locale to be always C for floating types.
So floats are stored with dot as decimal in MySQL table.
Which is correct.

On data fetching there's locale change too, but point is, MySQL buffer
holds invalid (seems so) data. I used to use MySQL C API, and never had
such problem. Though, I have never used prepared statements.

I wonder if gda_mysql_provider_statement_execute prepare statement
correctly. Neither float nor double is taken into account in this routine.


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