Re: [gnome-db] libgda python binding

Adding GObjectIntrospection was the first step to have Python, Vala, _javascript_ and any other language with GOI support. Then I think, is time to test/ensure these languages can use GDA using GOI without any modification.

Test GOI using that languages, is necesary to know if we have to add annotations on the code for better support.

For Python, we need to know if it has support for GOI

For last, may be we need to check if GDA's API have the requirements to be bindingable:

2010/8/20 Developer <csavoretti clubsanjorge com ar>
Hi Daniel:

Have you any intention to build a python module ?

It's just to know somebody is working onto this
interesting issue.

Thanks in advance

Developer <csavoretti clubsanjorge com ar>

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