Re: [gnome-db] libgda-sqlite required?

2009/3/24 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>

Am Dienstag, den 24.03.2009, 16:12 +0100 schrieb Murray Cumming:
> Is it possible that libgda-4.0 requires the libgda sqlite provider for
> the GdaMetaStore, even when the application is using PostgreSQL instead
> of sqlite?
> If so, I guess that libgda should warn at runtime if the sqlite provider
> is not installed, or maybe it could even link it statically.

I think this is a downstream problem: You cannot build libgda from
source without sqlite but clever people at Debian/Ubuntu still put the
sqlite provider in a different package so people are able to not install
it. They probably never read the docs...

I don't know if the doc mentions that clearly. However Libgda should still be able to bahave correclty in the case the SQLite provider is missing as the provider's core in in the library which is always there. I need to figure this out.


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