Re: [gnome-db] libgda-sqlite required?

2009/3/24 Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Is it possible that libgda-4.0 requires the libgda sqlite provider for
the GdaMetaStore, even when the application is using PostgreSQL instead
of sqlite?

If so, I guess that libgda should warn at runtime if the sqlite provider
is not installed, or maybe it could even link it statically.

About SQLite's usage:
* the SQLite provider core is embedded in Libgda itself because Libgda needs it internally
* the provider is in a separate library, always built and installed.

About the GdaMetaStore:
* the meta data _needs_ to be stored in a database (unlike Libgda V3 which kept everything in memory all the time)
* if not configured otherwise, the meta data will be stored in an SQLite (in memory, or in /tmp, I don't remember it) database. This requires the SQLite provider to be installed. The code could probably be modified to make this work even if the SQLite provider is not found but some work is needed.
* you can configure the GdaMetaStore to store its data in a PostgreSQL db if you prefer (or even Glom's database), see If you store the meta data in a persistant database, then you don't have to update the meta store when your application starts.


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