Re: [gnome-db] API Break Request for gda_insert_row_into_table

2008/12/30 Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com>
Ok work done (before the next year!!! :-)

Hope the:


is Ok, if not feel free to rename it.


And Happy new Year for All!!!

Happy new year to you too!

The INSERT function is Ok for me, but the UPDATE ande DELETE are too limited: you can't specify a different condition for each row you want to update/delete.

Considering that these functions are convenience functions (this means less functionnality but more easy to use), it looks like the current API is easier to use.

Here is what I propose:
* for the INSERT operation, keep the API as it is now (and remove gda_insert_row_into_table_from_string() function)
* for the UPDATE operation:
gboolean gda_update_table_row (const gchar *table_name,
                                    const gchar *condition_column_name,
                                    const GValue *condition,
                                    GError **error, ...);
where the ... is a list of (column name as string, column's new value as a GValue).
* for the DELETE operation: same as now.

If you want to create an API to prepare the execution of several INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements (prepare them and execute them all at once), then IMO this should be another set of API (even a more global Libgda API).

Sorry for taking so long to stabilize on an API, but it's important the API be the best possible.

Thanks for all,



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