Re: [gnome-db] 2 issues with GdaConnection

Vivien Malerba wrote:
 I don't think I have 2 references to the connection.  I've attached a
 current snapshot of my file to let you see it.  It's a work in progress
 for a test case for one of my bugs.

The problem comes from the fact that when you call
g_object_unref(pConn), there is still an object holding a reference on
the pConn object, it is the GdaDataModel returned from the
gda_connection_statement_execute_select() function (which you ignore
in your example but still exists). Here is attached your example,
modified to show the reference count on the pConn object.


Thanks, that fixed it. The g_object_unref now does close the connection, so no unexpected EOF in the PostgreSQL log. This is something I find difficult in glib/gnome programming in general - how to know when something needs to be unref'ed, and when something else might be keeping a reference to your object. For example, nothing in the gda_connection_statement_execute or gda_connection_statement_execute_select documentation indicates that the connection reference count will be incremented. The GdaDataModel page does not even contain the word connection.


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