Re: [gnome-db] Libgda 3.99.1 released

Vivien Malerba wrote:
After a long time, I'm pleased to announce the first version of Libgda
which will lead to a V4. This version is a major rework of the
library's internals to correct the conception errors that were made
with previous versions; it also aims at having a smaller yet more
powerfull and easier to understand API, and to close some long
standing bugs.

A non detailled list of changes is:
 - Easier to understand and to use API, with less strange path usage
 - Reduce the size of the library (almost half the size and half the symbols)
 - Easier connection opening (removal of the GdaClient object)
It seems to have a little bit left behind:
mj ds9:/usr/include/libgda-4.0$ find . -name \*h -exec grep -l GdaClient {} \;

This remains present in svn trunk, revision 3091.


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