Re: [gnome-db] postgresql provider performance

Vivien Malerba wrote:
Second, what is the point of all the "Select 1..." queries after the
"deallocate"?  There are two of them for every column in the table
referenced by the prepared statement (created by the postgres provider's
implementation of gda_query_execute).  They do not produce meaningful
results when executed in PostgreSQL's  psql client.  The where condition
appears to be trying to check for unique and primary key constraints.
However, the "1" in the select fields is a constant!

It seems the "SELECT 1..." query is sent whenever
gda_data_model_describe_column() is called, and it can be optimized to
be called only once...
But what information does it provide?  Here is a sample session from psql:
issue001_db=# \d+ slots
                        Table "public.slots"
     Column       |          Type          | Modifiers | Description
slot_id           | integer                | not null  |
obj_guid          | character(32)          | not null  |
name              | character varying(500) | not null  |
slot_type         | integer                | not null  |
int64_val         | bigint                 |           |
string_val        | character varying(500) |           |
double_val        | bigint                 |           |
timespec_val      | date                   |           |
guid_val          | character(32)          |           |
numeric_val_num   | bigint                 |           |
numeric_val_denom | bigint                 |           |
   "slots_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (slot_id)
Has OIDs: no

issue001_db=# SELECT 1 FROM pg_catalog.pg_class c, pg_catalog.pg_constraint c2, pg_catalog.pg_attribute a WHERE c.relname = 'slots' AND c.oid = c2.conrelid and a.attrelid = c.oid and c2.contype = 'P' and c2.conkey[1] = a.attnum and a.attname = 'slot_id';
(0 rows)

There is not a single row returned by this query. 'slot-id' is the primary key column, which seems to be something this query might be looking for. Does this possibly behave differently in an older version of PostgreSQL? I am using 8.2.6.
However, I'm in the process of modifying the way database providers
are implemented so I'll do a full review of the PostgreSQL's provider
implementation in the near future and won't work on it before that
except if you really need it.

Also, my understanding is that you are trying to make the Libgda
backend of Gnucash working correctly, if I'm wrong, forget the rest of
this paragraph. As I'm currently working on the V4 version of Libgda,
I've started to introduce some API changes to make the library easier
to use and understand and easier to implement providers, but with some
API changes, so I would suggest that you work on that backend with the
still-unreleased V4 version which is already useable to avoid having
to make yet another port to V4.

Should I file a bug against the postgresql provider?

Yes, please, so I can keep a reminder of that specific problem.

I am testing the gda backend for gnucash. I would be happy to use the unstable version 4.0 to try it. Where do I find the code? I did not see a branch for working on 4.0. Is it trunk I should try for this?


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