Re: [gnome-db] Issue with postgresql provider (3.0.2)

The correction is now in SVN, V3.0 branch.



On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 3:21 AM, Phil Longstaff <plongstaff rogers com> wrote:
> I have an issue with libgda, specifically the postgresql provider.
>  I basically create a GdaQuery with text "INSERT INTO <some-table>
>  VALUES(<some values)".
>  When I call gda_query_execute( query, ..., &error ), the error is filled
>  in with a GDA_QUERY_EXEC_ERROR with the text "INSERT 0 1".  This doesn't
>  happen with sqlite or mysql.  The postgres provider specifically
>  generates an event in compute_retval_from_pg_res() when the status is
>  PGRES_COMMAND_OK.  gda_query_execute() then compares the events before
>  and after, and because there is this new event, it is copied via
>  g_set_error().
>  The same happens when my query is "DELETE FROM <some-table> WHERE
>  <some-condition>", but the error string is "DELETE 0" (or maybe "DELETE
>  n" when n rows are deleted).
>  Is this a bug in libgda, or is this expected behaviour?  Should I be
>  testing the returned error to see if it begins with "INSERT" or "DELETE"
>  and ignore it?  Should I clear the connection events, execute the query,
>  then look at the events myself and ignore the returned error (the event
>  has type GDA_EVENT_NOTICE or something like that)?
>  Phil
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