Re: [gnome-db] API Break Request for gda_insert_row_into_table

2008/12/18 Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com>
After see at gda-easy.c/.h files I found that gda_insert_row_into_table y gda_insert_row_into_table_from_string aren't implemented, then I plant to hack on them, but found that this funtions doesn't allow to get back the values inserted for the new row like in
does using its *last_inserted_row* paramenter, then I propouse to make an API break in order to add an *last_inserted* parameter for both functions:

gboolean            gda_insert_row_into_table           (GdaConnection *cnc,
const gchar *table_name,
GdaSet **last_inserted_row,
GError **error,

gboolean            gda_insert_row_into_table_from_string
(GdaConnection *cnc,
const gchar *table_name,
GdaSet **last_inserted_row
GError **error,
Ok,  go for it!

Tell me when you have a patch!


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