Re: [gnome-db] libgda - sqlite version

On 9/27/07, Johannes Schmid <johannes schmid gmx de> wrote:
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> Hi!
> We have some trouble with ubuntu libgda-sqlite packages breaking code
> that works when libgda uses it's embedded sqlite and libgda is build
> from tarball. It looks like debian/ubuntu has patched the package to use
> the system installed sqlite version instead of the embedded.
> So, my question is if libgda-3.0 can work with sqlite 3.4.2 though it
> does reject this in configure or if the debian/ubuntu changes are just
> wrong because that version does not work?
> Thanks and regards,
> Johannes

Version 3.0.x of libgda can't work correctly if it is forced to use
the system installed sqlite. This only works from version 3.1.1.
However if it's very important, that feature can be backported to
3.0.x with SQLite 3.4.2.

Also can you tell me what kind of code is broken?


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