Re: [gnome-db] Writing a ldap port

On 9/25/07, Exell Enrique. Franklin Jiménez <arawaco ieee org> wrote:
> Hello :)
> Vivien, thanks a lot..
> other question...
> 1)so.. the ldap has two types of connexions...
> searching the directory Asynchronous
> and searching the directory Synchronous
> i can use whatever, but,
> what kind of connexions uses ligda?

For now all the commands to the various DBMS are blocking
(synchronous) and so I suggest that you use synchronous methods; the
idea is that to make things asychronous, commands will be run by
libgda in their own thread (that is for later).

> 2)results tha exist a lot of ldap C api,
> i know better the c-sdk from mozilla
> can i use that api?
> or is desirable(convenient,best) still using
> openldap?

I prefer to keep the dependencies as small as possible and openldap is
very easy to install and has very few dependencies itself. I don't
know about the mozilla SDK but it seems to require more dependencies.
With that in mind, I leave the choice up to you.

> 3) is possible that are you at irc #libgda channel?:)

Not much as we have nice and smart firewall rules at work which
prevent me from doing just that. However I can do gmail chat if you
can (I have some gmail account invitations if you want one). At home I
generally don't have much time and we'd have to fix a meeting date



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