Re: [gnome-db] Writing a ldap port

Hello Vivien.
i've other questions..
i'm looking on gda-bdb-provider.c, and to  create 
the GdaDataModelBdb
calls the following function
model = gda_data_model_bdb_new (bdb_file, bdb_db);
that function is on
GdaDataModelBdb inherit from GdaObject
looking the struct from GdaDataModelBdb 
i see that it has a member called
*priv, and its type GdaDataModelBdbPrivate.
looking GdaDataModelBdbPrivatethat is a struct that 
defines some data types that i think that are 
typicalls from bdb model, my question is
have i to create a similar structure to ldap?

ideas are welcome :)


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