Re: [gnome-db] Writing a ldap port

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> On 10/1/07, Exell Enrique. Franklin Jiménez
> <arawaco ieee org> wrote:
> > Hello
> > Here is the first approximation from the
> gdadatamodel
> > to ldap port.
> > ideas, comments.. etc, etc are welcome.
> > Bug # 482366 from
> > Thanks in advance
> I've been looking at your code and I have a few
> remarks (please note
> that I'm no LDAP expect and some remarks may be due
> to that fact):
> * the get_ldap_tables() should return one row per
> "table" the LDAP
> provider advertizes (that is for example one row as
> ('inetOrgPerson',
> NULL, 'Persons table', NULL))
> * the LDAP provider should advertize one table per
> LDAP object class,
> as for Novell's LDAP JDBC Driver
> * you need to implement a GdaDataModel object which,
> for a given LDAP
> object class, will fill itself with one row per
> object of that class.
> For example the "inetOrgPerson" table will have the
> folllowing
> columns:
> ?commonName (cn)
> ?surname (sn)
> ?objectClass
> ?businessCategory
> ?carLicense
> ?departmentNumber
> ? description
> [...]
> I will write the remaining code for the LDAP
> provider itself (which
> actually instantiates GdaDataModel objects when
> needed for the
> requested object class).
> Anyway, I'll upload your code (slightly modified)
> into SVN tonight, so
> you can send me patches from that codebase.
Ok...i know that ..
On ldap , all the attributes which may be used for a
specific type of object are called an Object Class.  
As with attributes, you may define new object classes
to meet your needs.  Within each object class, you may
designate that some attributes are required, and that
others are merely optional.
I see the ldap like this:
Fields are similar to attributes, tables are similar
to object classes.
The first code was a aproximation to «demostrate» that
can function.
Now i will keep in mind your advice and  i'm going
to develop the code to meet that and put the patch
on bugzilla

arawaco ieee org

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