Re: [gnome-db] gda_init

"Vivien Malerba" <vmalerba gmail com> wrote:

> > Should I consider this as memory leak or can I ignore these reports?
> Could you report that to the LibXML project? As far as Libgda is
> concerned, I think they are harmless and can safely be ignored.

What about Apache server being stopped and started at least once a day?
I suppose memory is not completely freed then.
> The strange thing is I don't get those warnings myself (using valgrind
> 3.2.3)... Do you use some special valgrind options?

valgrind --leak-check=full --leak-resolution=high --show-reachable=yes   -v 

valgrind is 3.2.3

I am not sure valgrind report is valuable in this case , though.
Memory usage debugging in few libraries + apache modules is extremely painfull.


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