[gnome-db] GdaDataModel signals

Hi guys,

I'm gonna ask here this question because I didn't find the answer elsewhere.

Well suppose I have a GdaDataModel, which has been obtained from a
gda_connection_execute_select_command () on a sqlite database.
I connected the data_model to 'row_inserted', 'row_updated' etc.
signals, then I created another command which inserted a row into that
sqlite database. I was using the same GdaConnection too.
But unfortunately no signal was raised, and so no callback called.

Is GdaDataModel a rowset which detects changes into database? Or is it
like a CachedRowSet in Java [an offline rowset with no notifications of
changes in db data]?

what about if I insert/update a row from an external sqlite console?

thanks in advance if you can anwer,

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