[gnome-db] GDA xml and questions


I'm studding libgda and have some questions:

1 - Make any difference to put a nullok='TRUE|FALSE',
    inside a parameter description in a query?
Like those in the example of gda_data_model_query_set_modification_query
    usage, delivery_before=## [:name="+2" :type="date" :nullok="TRUE"]?

2 - I think that the dictionaries using xml idea is great, is it original?
    Is there another implementation like that?

3 - In the xml, why use long names like 'gda_dict_types'. Could we just use 'types' and a
    'gda' or 'gda_dict' namespace when needed?

4 - Why do you use all those ids in the xml? Look like you did that to easily translate to a hash table. But it wouldn't be better use xpath more extensively? For example, /gda_dict/gda_dict_types/type[ name='xxxxx'] to get a type named xxxxx or /gda_dict/gda_dict_database/gda_dict_tables/gda_dict_table[ name='table1']/gda_dict_field
    to get all fields from table 'table1'.

5 - gda_dict_constraint shouldn't be a child of gda_dict_table|gda_dict_field?

I just started to study libgda/libgnomedb so if my questions are already answered or
discussed please send me a link.


Sandro Vitenti

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