Re: [gnome-db] Documentation - How Tos or samples

On 10/30/06, John Lovely <cbarter bigpond net au> wrote:
I'm new to linux programming and wonder if there's some sort of
tutorial/documentation for the gnome-db library

I've spent ages looking and there appears to be only the API
documentation - fine if you know how to get started - and some blank
wiki pages at the home site.

The website is being rebuilt using a wiki, it will have
more documention as time goes on...

For a regugee from the other side - with years of experience coding
database aps in Visual Basic and CBuilder - can someone tell me

1. how to get the database widgets in the widget selection window
2. how to get started - eg make a connection to a database, create
tables etc (though that might be easy if the GUI part works)

If you download and install libgda/libgnomedb version 1.99.1, you'll
get in libgnomedb's sources a demo application which shows how to use
various widgets, it's in extra/demos. Just run it and test some
widgets by double-clicking on a test name. It is self contained as it
uses a local SQLite database.
You can see the code used for each widget, and you can see the code to
open a connection and create a distionary in the main.c file (in the
main() part, the rest of the code is to create the main window and has
nothing to do with libgda/libgnomedb).



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